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General dentists are trained to handle all routine dental care and minor dental procedures, such as dental fillings. Some general dentists also receive additional training in particular procedures; however, a prosthodontist is a dental specialist who has received extensive, highly-focused training in tooth replacement and restoration. When you require a tooth replacement or oral surgery, consulting with and receiving treatment from a prosthodontist ensures that you receive high-quality, efficient treatment that meets your exact needs and produces long-term, beautiful solutions for your smile.

The biggest difference between a prosthodontist and a general dentist is that a prosthodontist deals with replacing teeth and restoring your oral health and function throughout your entire mouth. General dentists focus on repairing teeth and ensuring that they remain healthy. Some additional things that set prosthodontists apart from general dentists include:

  • Up to three years of additional training through an ADA-accredited program is required to become a prosthodontist
  • Prosthodontists handle complex dental cases, including jaw surgery, dentures, implants, and more
  • Prosthodontists also offer veneers, crowns, and bridges to restore and replace teeth

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