Pantops Prosthodontics has resumed care for all patients of record as well as new patients. Please call 434-977-9836 to schedule an appointment. As we welcome patients, changes have been implemented to ensure patient safety. View COVID-19 Safety Steps in Patient Care.

When you visit Pantops Prosthodontics, Dr. Ben B. Ross will use digital scanning to more closely examine your mouth. This advanced technology allows our prosthodontist to create highly accurate models of your mouth and to plan your implant placement surgeries more effectively. We welcome you to call us today at 434-977-9836 to schedule your consultation with our experienced prosthodontist and learn more about digital scanning in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Digital scanning is a modern, efficient, and very comfortable way to take impressions of your mouth and plan treatments to meet your needs. By using digital scanning, our prosthodontist eliminates the need for messy, goopy, and uncomfortable impression materials. Digital scanning is especially helpful for patients who have a strong gag reflex as the scanner can quickly be removed from your mouth when you feel uncomfortable and the scanning process started and stopped as needed.

Other benefits of digital scanning include:

  • A less invasive impression process
  • Extremely accurate images
  • An easier way to create dental restorations, such as crowns
  • Greater comfort during your appointment
  • A faster, more efficient treatment both at the time of the scan and overall

For more information about digital scanning and to make your appointment with our skilled prosthodontist, please contact our office today.