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Tooth decay issues that go without professional treatment can eventually lead to worsening consequences. In some of these cases the individual might experience the loss of multiple teeth or teeth that suffer a severe fracture.

In this case, you may want to consider setting up an appointment with a prosthodontist like Dr. Ben Ross. After examining your mouth he can help you understand your options for restoring the basic function of your mouth. Some patients prefer to have a partial denture provided to them.

It is essentially a removable dental appliance that will be created in a dental laboratory to mimic the basic appearance and function of the missing teeth. Some partial dentures also include small hardware components to help connect them with the teeth on each end.

Applying a small amount of denture adhesive when you install the unit each morning can help lock the partial denture in place. It might also help to keep out stray food material.

The partial denture will need to be thoroughly rinsed and brushed each day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non abrasive toothpaste. The goal is to remove food particles and plaque to keep the denture clean while also maintaining healthy gums.

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